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First Principals, Inc (FPI) - Certified Licensing Professionals.  We are a full-service technology transfer company specializing in Valuation, Licensing, Commercialization of Intellectual Property , and Expert Witness Services.


See aerospace/manufacturing technologies currently available See communications/electronics technologies currently available See biomedical technologies currently available See chemical and polymer technologies currently available
  Selective Filtering of Video Content
Super-Efficient Electric Vehicle Drive System
Integrated LED/OLED Controller/Display
Programmable Controller for LED Arrays
AIST (Japanese National Labs) Portfolio
Hybrid Booster DriveTM Vehicle Propulsion

Technologies available for sale or licensing
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Our unique combination of technology know-how, expertise in market and industry analysis, and technical and competitive intelligence research assures that we create products and services customized to your needs.

Technology Transfer Services
IP Management
Information Services

Expert Witness Services

Comprehensive.  Accurate.  Relevant.  Timely.
First Principals helps you get the most out of your technology.

First Principals, Inc.   1768 East 25th Street  Cleveland, Ohio 44114   216.881.8520 phone   216.881.8522 fax   Email: info@firstprincipals.com

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