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TECHNOLOGIES:  AEROSPACE/MANUFACTURING:  Winterizing Valve - Winterizing Business Opportunity

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The Opportunity
The WINTERIZING VALVE is a patented, time-tested product and business opportunity positioned to grow quickly with the right combination of marketing and distribution to fully exploit its features.

This product provides homeowners with a fool-proof winterizing system suitable for vacation homes, rental properties, and a variety of other residential and commercial installations including sprinkler systems and irrigation equipment.

To date, the installed base of product has been built with only word-of-mouth marketing and manufacturing under small-scale assembly conditions. The WINTERIZING VALVE offers your organization a product that is ideal for both new home construction and retrofitted applications.


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The WintERIZING Valve has a wide range of applications including winterizing vacation homes, flushing irrigation systems, and purging mobile home/RV park site connections.


The Winterizing Valve fills a niche service that can utilize existing capacity and supplement your current business.  It provides:

         A centralized method of purging a home's entire water system.

         Quick & easy installation for the professional plumbing contractor.

         Produced in a variety of configurations for adaptability to almost any common type of plumbing or sprinkling system.

         A patent protected product compliant with the requirements of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.


Prospective Industry Applications
This is an ideal opportunity for:

         Plumbing products manufacturers and distributors;

         HVAC contractors and distributors;

         Building & construction product manufacturers and distributors;

         Valve manufacturers & suppliers;

         Irrigation and sprinkling equipment companies.

If you are seeking to differentiate your business from the competition, the opportunity enabled by the WintERIZING Valve may be just the edge you need.

Patent Protected Product
US Patent 6,321,773 describes the "Water Valve Assembly and Water Draining Method".

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