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  Super-Efficient Electric Vehicle Drive System   pdf  NEW!!  
  Hybrid Booster DriveTM Vehicle Propulsion Technology   pdf    
  Powder-Forming and Compaction Technology     pdf    
  Silica Microspheres and Composites    pdf    
  Inflatable Pole Tent Technology    pdf    
  High Speed Bread Bagger    pdf    
  Tree-Carrier Trailer Hitch Adaptor pdf  
  Winterizing Valve - Winterizing Business Acquisition Opportunity pdf  
  Automotive Components Technology    pdf  
  Removal System for Noxious Fumes from Roofing Materials    pdf    
  Athletic Equipment with Built-In Sensors   pdf  
  Fuel Sensing System: Fuel Level + Fuel Type  pdf  
  Automatic Sewing System    pdf  
  Multi-Surface Laser Inspection System    pdf    
  Robotic Assist Technology    pdf    
  Micro-Machining Technologies    pdf    
  Battery/Fuelcell Electrode Material pdf