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Patents: Sleeping Beauties. 
    Awaken the potential inside your
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Biomedical Technologies
Artificial Heart Pump   pdf
Leukemia Therapeutics  pdf
Marine-Derived Glyconutrients  pdf
SPARC Proteins for Neuro Research   pdf
Platinum-Based Cancer Drugs pdf
Interactive 3-D Imaging Licensed  pdf  
Athletic Equipment with Sensors pdf
Biguanide Compounds pdf 
Glycoproteins pdf 

Selective Filtering of Video Content According to Rating NEW!!
Integrated LED Controller/Display NEW!
Controller for LED Arrays
Ceramic Sensors pdf
Nanotube Composites for FE Devices pdf
Color Imaging Technology pdf
Luminescence Technologies pdf
Magnetoresistance Effect Films pdf
Thin Metal Films pdf
Hardware Independent Data Access pdf

Chemicals and Polymers
Food Processing/Complete Fractionation
Microencapsulated Additives pdf
Water Filter-No More Bacteria  pdf
Gold Catalysts   pdf
Microporous Ceramic Films   pdf
Fabric Surface Treatments   pdf
Polymerization Technology pdf
Paper Feel Plastic Sheet pdf
Polyethylene Replacement pdf
Chromatographic Separations pdf
Glass Microspheres pdf
Clay Catalysts & Catalyst Carriers  pdf
High-Efficiency Dehydrogenation   pdf
Fluoropolymer Intermediates  pdf
Silica Composites Technology  pdf
Thermoplastic Composites  pdf

Trademarks & Logos
"TIRESAFE" Trademark pdf


Electric Vehicle Drive System pdf NEW!!
Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion pdf
Powder-Forming Technology   pdf 
Silica Microspheres and Composites    pdf 
Automotive Components Technology    pdf
High Speed Bread Bagger    pdf  
Inflatable Pole Tent Technology pdf
Tree-Carrier Trailer Hitch Adaptor pdf
Winterizing Valve - Winterizing Business      Acquisition Opportunity pdf
Removal of Noxious Roofing Fumes pdf
Athletic Equipment with Sensors pdf
Fuel Level/Type Sensing System pdf
Automatic Sewing System   pdf  
Multi-Surface Laser Inspection   pdf  
Robotic Assist Technology   pdf  
Micro-Machining Technologies   pdf  
Battery/Fuelcell Electrode Material pdf