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IP Management
Technology Transfer
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Information management is the process of finding, monitoring, assessing, compiling, and packaging information into useable knowledge -- a critical component of getting the most value out of your intellectual capital.  We'll work with you to create the best product for your needs: from a one page competitor profile or market overview, to a comprehensive "intelligence mining program".  We have extensive experience with the best information services available, including in-depth knowledge of the major commercial and proprietary systems.  Our partnership with ANGLE Technology Ltd. in the U.K. and U.S. adds tremendous value for those who require quality European resources.

First Principals offers three major types of information services.  Click on each service for a more detailed description.
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  Business & Competitor Intelligence
  • Global business analysis
  • Competitor profiles
  • Assessment and packaging of relevant information
  Technology Monitoring Services
  • Worldwide watch on business, technology, and patented developments
  • Quick referral and fact-finding services
  • In-depth research projects
  • Staff training on research techniques and procedures
  Industry Analysis & Market Research
  • Background and intelligence on prospective customers for technical sales support
  • Partner identification
  • Business and technical product development information for OEM sales and marketing groups
  • Industry review and analysis services.


Sure, many people can claim to know how to use these services, and finding things on the World Wide Web is easy. But just "finding information" is not the problem. The capability to filter out only the best information in a cost-effective manner is critical.

Call us! First Principals teams with our clients to maximize the value of their technology assets. Our refined skills have evolved through years of corporate information management and industry experience. We offer terms which are flexible and commensurate with your needs, tailored to your specific circumstances.


First Principals, Inc.   1768 East 25th Street  Cleveland, Ohio 44114   216.881.8520 phone   216.881.8522 fax   Email: info@firstprincipals.com

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