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First Principals, Inc. (FPI) has developed an innovative new service to help technology owners and administrators gain better control over their patent portfolios. To assist its clients, FPI has developed its
Patent Portfolio Review and Optimization service (PATENT PRO).

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  The Need for Organization and Control
In our experience, many organizations need assistance in gaining better control over their owned or managed patent portfolios. PATENT PRO provides organizations of all types with a better understanding of the technology in their portfolio. Each engagement results in a clear, concise and actionable report on the state of any technology portfolio. In addition, upon completion of the engagement, we provide our clients with a versatile database representation of their technology portfolio. The database can be adapted by the client for many uses including:
  • Technology/product linking
  • Technology transfer/licensing
  • Fee payment recommendations
  PRO Service Features
    Overview of Worldwide Patent Portfolio
      FPI will evaluate all patents in the clientís worldwide portfolio. An experienced professional will review the legal strength and breadth of claims for each patent. The patents will be grouped according to technology with summary commentary provided for each group. A detailed table of each patentís characteristics - strength, breadth, technology field, citation data, portfolio fit - will also be created.
    Detailed Evaluation of FY Maintenance Class, including Renewal Recommendations
      On the basis of the PRO legal and marketing analyses, FPI will recommend to the client whether or not to renew each patent in a yearís maintenance class. Patents with dubious commercial potential, weak technical content, or legal problems will be identified, resulting in substantial renewal cost savings for companies with large patent portfolios.
    Citation Analysis
      FPI provides an analysis of your portfolio and its individual components utilizing a statistically verified citation-based computer model. The analysis determines the licensing potential of individual properties, providing an indicator of overall portfolio value compared against other portfolios of relevance. This analysis is invaluable in cross license negotiations and also allows easy identification of valuable items within a large portfolio.
    Technology-Product linking
      When requested, FPI, with the aid of assigned staff from the client will identify the specific product or product lines to which each of the patents in the portfolio apply. Final cross-referenced listings will be provided as follows:
  • A listing by patent of the products to which each patent applies.
  • A listing by product of the patents which apply to an individual product or product line.

    Portfolio Optimization
      In addition, we will organize the client portfolio by putting all properties in a database and creating appropriate reports. Clients will be furnished with an electronic copy of the finished database as part of the service. This vital service component assists in building an infrastructure for future portfolio management. We provide recommendations for licensing of high potential patents, and abandoning low value patents prior to their next maintenance payments, providing additional revenue while reducing expense.
    Patent VALUATION  (Click Here for More Information)
      FPI focuses its experience in market and industry analysis, technical and competitive intelligence research, and market economics to provide documented valuation of intellectual property, from single patents to entire portfolios. FPIís valuation process creates a logical basis on which we support the Discounted Cash Flow Net Present Value of a technology opportunity protected by intellectual property. FPIís valuations are used in capital development, debt financing, asset management, and in intellectual property donations.


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